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ROBOCLEAN is the latest, concrete, safe and guaranteed system developed by Eurotech Way, especially conceived for fully automatic cleaning, polishing and dust-removal of fused silica rollers installed inside glass tempering furnaces.

Placed inside the furnace and at the beginning of the area to be treated, the robot can be used to treat and clean two rollers at the same time. In addition, it can equally work in the direction of travel of the furnace as well as in the opposite direction, by reversing the rotation of the rollers.
 The robot cleaning head is equipped with an automatic adjustment and compensation system keeping the contact pressure constant on the whole surface of the rollers and regardless of the tools used. A centesimal height adjustment system guarantees its perfect positioning with extreme precision, without impairing the roller surface at all.
Three different tools can be installed depending on the conditions of the rollers; a special disc, equipped with a set of high-resistant steel rotating blades, that is able to "cut" and remove any residue of glass or enamel, even of microscopic sizes, from the surface of the roller in an extremely accurate and safe way.
The above-mentioned blades are stand-alone and self-levelling, arranged in such a way as to prevent any abrasive action on the roller. Their rotation speed is variable and controlled by brushless motor technology.
Other available accessories (discs) that can be installed on the robot, ensure a degree of polishing and surface finishing even of higher quality than the original roller.
The materials used are the result of a research aimed at obtaining a long-lasting durability of the polishing discs with final results that are unachievable by using traditional cleaning and polishing systems.
Through a unique, easy-to-use and functioning system, the robot moves forward on the rollers at the end of each cleaning cycle automatically, by using the rotation energy of the rollers without requiring any manual operation or integration of automations, since said mechanism is already an integral part of the robot.
During the final stage of the process, the dust-removal discs with a special fabric slightly moistened with alcohol, remove any dust residues from the surface of the roller, allowing to restart the plant immediately.
The robot is also equipped with a suction and filtering system, installed on board, with a clogging alarm signalling the filter needs to be cleaned, which extracts any dust residues produced during the various processes.
A PLC manages, controls and operates the robot. All parameters as to speed and operating data can be set by using a touch-screen operator interface.
The robot operating software also synchronizes the cleaning head translation speed thus ensuring the entire surface of the rollers being perfectly cleaned and evenly polished.
In addition to any alarm or failure occurring during the automatic operating cycle, a description of the alarm and related image appear too, thus allowing to immediately identify the precise point of the robot that generated the alarm.
Different furnaces can be managed by just one robot, since all the operating parameters can be stored in recipes.
By using this robot, the roller cleaning times are considerably reduced compared to traditional manual systems.
The glass coming out of the furnace is of high quality and absolutely free of any defect that could be caused by the roller surface, for the following important reasons:
  • Polishing of the roller surface thus reducing its porosity and making the part in contact with the glass, polished, smooth and less susceptible to dust or other residues.
  • The complete cleaning process is performed by dry method, without using any water or chemical additives which in the long term could cause the crackling effect, thus damaging the surface structure of the rollers.
  • The whole surface of all the rollers is 100% guaranteed to be processed, cleaned and polished evenly.


  • Power supply: 220 Volt 60 Hz - 110 Volt 50 Hz
  • Installed power: 2.8 Kw
  • Pneumatic supply: 6 bar - 10nl/ '

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