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The edge rolling machine was designed for glass edge coating and is suitable for any type of enamel irrespective of glass sheet width.


  • The machine can be equipped with applicator rolls for different enamels and processes. Its characteristics may vary depending on the number of lines per inch and hardness. The correct position of the enamel applicator roll is controlled by a precision transducer and inverter;
  • The head is fitted with devices for manual or automatic enamel feeding, with a closed protective casing that prevents the operator from any contact thus safeguarding his safety;
  • The feeding rolls can be perfectly cleaned by means of an adjustable doctor blade;
  • All rolls can be moved separately in any direction by decimal adjustments for each movement required during application;
  • Devices especially designed for the head unit allow manual or automatic enamel feeding while the protective casing is closed, which prevents the operator from any possible contact thus safeguarding his safety


  • Close attention was paid to the application and dosing rolls as well as to the enamel containment system which allows to keep the inside of the rolls perfectly clean without damaging them by contact, also facilitating the collection of enamel excess by means of a container beneath. The roll engraving is performed by using other parameters than those of a normal enamelling machine (where the outer edges of the roll are outside the glass), in our machine the outer edge of the roll must make a perfect line of the edge determining its quality. An ongoing research also carried out in the construction of the applicator roll and constant checks, allowed us to guarantee the highest quality. The new system developed by Eurotech Way allows to deal with the problem of enamel overlapping during the intersections of the edges and to solve it nearly completely.


  • The roller conveyor is made of steel with a cold electrolytic zinc plating/powder coating and aluminium structure. All the rollers have controlled geometric tolerances and their PVC coating in the enamelling area is ground thus ensuring even better tolerances and getting an optimal painted edge. The roller conveyor is equipped with a lifting-up platform which guarantees free movement of the glass panel by means of supporting balls. On the opposite side of the application head there is a retractable support system with idling balls for large-size glass slabs support, thus facilitating their movement and guaranteeing operator safety. On the outer side of the retracting bar on the roller conveyor loading, an idle roller will be installed for the lateral loading of the glass sheets. The first roller at the inlet of the roller conveyor is supplied not motorized but rather idle to allow front loading of the glass sheet.


  • In addition, two motorized abutting devices are provided, each equipped with a pair of motors served by linear positioning potentiometers and electronically adjustable through the touch-screen operator keyboard to speed up size change operations (edge width to be enamelled) and, at the same time, to guarantee electronically, at decimal level, the abutment zero point, as well as to guide the glass panel during coating process. It is possible to memorize in the same recipe different widths of the coated edge on the same glass, and to process them by activating the related recipes according to the required sequence.


  • The machine is equipped with an electrical panel with PLC and dedicated software, controlled by a touch-screen keyboard. To facilitate the operations, depending on the size of the glass sheet, the keyboard can be easily moved from the operator side to the opposite side. In addition, all the operating parameters can be saved in recipes.


  • Electric power installed: 5 Kw
  • Production output: from 2 m up to 5 m per minute
  • The edge coating can vary from 10 mm up to 200 mm
  • Processable thicknesses: from 4mm to 19mm
  • Pneumatic supply: 6 bar - 10nl / '

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