"ROBOCLEAN" Description

RoboClean is the only automatic system for the perfect cleaning of the fused silica rollers directly inside the glass tempering furnaces.
With the use of special discs, it is able to remove any kind of dirt on the surface of the rollers, polishing the surface of the rollers in an incredible way, going ahead automatically step by step using the rollers motion.
The result can be seen by checking the surface of the polished rollers with a roughness tester and verifying the results obtained which are very similar to the glass surface.
All this without reducing the diameter of the roller but only removing the surface dirt.
The VESUVIUS company has also recognized the surface quality of the rollers by issuing a prestigious "Endorsed by VESUVIUS" award for the RoboClean.
At this link you can see all the peculiarities of this incredible system :