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Automate tempering oven roller cleaning and reduce fabrication defects with Clean Roller Robot

Clean rollers are critical to making high quality tempered glass and avoiding liability and customer dissatisfaction issues. Dirty rollers carry debris that gets fused under high temperature into your glass. These fabrication defects often go undetected until a cleaning crew or homeowner uses a scraper to clean the surface.
But keeping your rollers imperfection free with manual procedures is a challenge. It takes too long and can damage rollers. It’s tempting to clean less often than you should.
Fortunately, there is now an automated, consistent and convenient method to thoroughly clean, smooth and polish tempering oven rollers:
Clean Roller Robot.

A fused silica roller cleaning breakthrough

Whether they are immediately visible or not, defects created during or discovered after tempering happen at the worst possible time. The glass has been fabricated and is almost finished. As the tempering oven can be a bottleneck, you can miss a delivery if you have to remake.
The glass fabrication equipment experts at Italian company Eurotech Way performed extensive research on how to conveniently revive fused silica rollers with smooth, clean and long lasting polished surfaces. They used these insights to develop Clean Roller Robot.

A robotic system, smart PLC controls

Clean Roller Robot does its work by proceeding systematically through your tempering ovens.
It cleans, polishes and removes dust from rollers two at a time.
Using the rotation energy of the furnace rollers without manual intervention, Clean Roller Robot automatically moves ahead on the rollers.
The PLC controls guarantee synchronized movement of the cleaning heads and disk rotation. Each roller’s entire surface is perfectly cleaned, polished and comes out practically better than new.

Consistently produce cleaner tempered glass

With Clean Roller Robot, you reduce the time to clean your rollers while increasing the quality of your glass. It does not remove any part of the expensive rollers, just what is on the surface. It is practical, safe and proven in use.
Because Clean Roller Robot is easy to run, you can clean more often. You need just a one-day break in your tempering schedule to cool, clean and restart your oven.
Cleaning time varies based on the length of the oven. But is drastically reduced over, and more thorough and consistent than manual procedures.
The PLC controls can accommodate and remember the parameters for multiple ovens so you can potentially service multiple furnaces.

Consistently produce cleaner tempered glass

With Clean Roller Robot, you do away with mops, rags and manually removing, cleaning and replacing rollers. Gone are struggles to remove persistent imperfections like sodium sulfate deposits and nodules, which can pit the rollers when done incorrectly.
You also drastically reduce those startup junk glass runs to remove any lingering debris or dust after cleaning. Instead, you can run just a small number of junk glass pieces and get right back to tempering.

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